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How Best to Refresh Sweaty, Post-Workout Hair

You just had a killer workout session at the gym and now your hair is...not so killer. You take a look in the mirror and see that your roots are soaked in sweat and your fly-aways are about to actually take flight. But you’re already running late to a lunch date, so what do you do? Don’t worry, Hair Foodie, just follow our advice for fabulous post-gym strands.

Prep While You Work

Did you know you can strengthen your hair while you’re strengthening your body? If your hair is going to be in a restrictive hairstyle, like a ponytail, braids or a bun, you can use this opportunity to treat your strands to a pre-wash hair mask. Once you’re done working out, just give your hair a quick shampoo and blow-dry and you’ll be treated to sleek, well-nourished hair.

If you prefer to wash your hair before working out, wash your hair with shampoo before heading to the gym like usual, but instead of conditioner, apply a hair mask to your damp hair, letting it soak in while you work out – like this Avocado & Argan Oil Smoothing Hair Mask that uses fresh ingredients for a fresh feel. When you’re done impressing everyone at the weight rack, give your strands a rinse and blow-dry, and flaunt fabulous, strong hair that will give your muscles a run for their money.

For the Curly Hair

For our curly-haired friends, post-workout hair poses a little more of a challenge. Story of your life, right? Restrictive hairstyles and sweat can cause your curls to lose their natural shape and bounce. After nourishing your body with a stellar workout, try feeding your curls with a refresher spray, like Hair Food’s Mango & Aloe Curl Refreshing Spray to revive your curls and tame frizz. If you have a light workout, apply the spray directly to your dry hair, brush it through, and watch your curls bounce back to life. If you’ve had a heavy workout, give your hair a quick rinse prior to applying.

We at Hair Food strive to help you maintain healthy hair to match your healthy lifestyle. So, even if you’re someone who works out every day, you have some alternative options that don’t involve having to wash your hair every time, stripping your strands of their natural oils (and making you late for your lunch dates). Now you’ll never have to sacrifice looking your best for feeling your best.

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