Mixed race woman with natural curls laughing while wearing a white tank top against a beige background.

How Best to Bring Out Natural Curls

Have you started your curly hair journey and need some guidance? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Many of us may have trust issues with either our curls or the products we’ve made them suffer through. Luckily, there are ways to navigate both so that you can finally bring out the natural, defined curls you’ve been longing for.

Avoid Sulfates in Your Shampoo

A majority of shampoo products on the shelves use sulfates. And while they are very effective at cleansing hair, sometimes they’re a little too effective. According to an article posted by Byrdie, sulphates can strip your hair of its natural components if used too often, causing them to lose their shape. In fact, the lifestyle blog body+mind suggests skipping shampoo as often as possible (washing as little as only a few times a week) to help bring out your hair’s natural definition and maintain moisture.

Moisturize Your Curls

Locking in moisture is crucial for your curls. While we suggest skipping the shampoo part of your routine when you can, we still highly recommend conditioning each time you shower. In addition, you’ll want to tack on some moisturizing products prior to styling. These can include anything from detangling sprays, such as the Mango & Aloe Curl Detangling Spray by Hair Food, to leave-in conditioners and ant-frizz products. This article from Feel Unique advises you to work the products through your hair, starting from the bottom and moving towards the scalp, ensuring that it is well-distributed. This way, no strand is left behind. These products will not only help restore and hydrate but will also help to define your curls without weighing them down. Once you get to styling, try using a mousse to maintain moisture while holding your curls’ natural shape.

Try the Plopping Technique

To avoid damaging your hair with tools like a blow dryer, try an alternative drying method. A popular option is the “plopping” technique. After showering and conditioning your hair with your chosen products, use a cotton t-shirt, pillowcase, or microfiber towel to wrap your curls up on top of your head and let them sit for about 30 minutes to dry. This method helps seal in the moisture you’ve applied to your hair and doesn’t run the risk of messing with your curls’ natural structure, while also cutting down on frizz. There is a full guide on how to properly execute the plopping technique to bring out your natural curls, complete with tips and tricks, on Cosmopolitan’s website.

Find the Right Tools for Your Curly Hair

There are lots of everyday items that curly-haired girls should be careful to avoid. How unfair, right? However, we’re here to find the silver lining and show you what the better options are for your delicate locks. Go ahead and throw away that hairbrush and trade it out for a wide-tooth comb. The body+mind blog reminds us that brush bristles tend to cause more breakage, resulting in frizz and a disruption of your hair’s natural flow. You’ll want to use that same comb when applying product (including conditioner) to your hair, and throughout the styling process.

We’ve already mentioned that blow-drying your curls is a no-go, but don’t throw out the blow-dryer quite yet. Instead, swap out your dryer head with a diffuser. Good Housekeeping explains that a diffuser can give you a more even curl pattern and added body. Who doesn’t want that? So, if you’re still attached to your blow-dryer you don’t have to burn that bridge without burning your ends.

We know it can be hard to trust products to take care of your curly hair’s delicate balance. At Hair Food, we believe in all-natural ingredients and remedies that work with your hair’s natural curls, not against them. Explore all of Hair Food’s curly hair products and show your locks some all-natural love.