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Hair Masks: How to Use and How Often

Hydration is a vital part of hair health, and sometimes, that means giving your hair a little extra moisture when it needs it most. This may be even more necessary if you use heat styling tools or depending on your hair type. In these cases, you may be using leave-in conditioner more frequently.

Another way to make sure hair is getting enough hydration is to use a hair mask. Learn about what a hair mask is and how to use it to deeply condition hair.

What Is a Hair Mask?

Like other types of conditioning treatments, a hair mask provides deep moisture to hair. With heavier concentrations of oils and lipids than a typical conditioner that you might use in the shower, a hair mask is often left on hair for an extended period of time.

If you’re looking for a deep conditioning treatment, a hair mask may be a good fit.

How Often Should You Do a Hair Mask?

While damaged hair may need extra hydration, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, including deep conditioning. Using hair masks too frequently can do more harm than good to hair. Instead of hydrating hair, it might make hair too greasy or lead to product buildup, which would weigh hair down.

It’s recommended that you use a hair mask once or twice a week and follow directions on the packaging for best results.

Hair Mask Tutorial

Learn how to use a hair mask with the tips below!

Step 1: Shampoo Hair Like Normal.
It is important to remove all product buildup, dirt and debris from your hair before using a hair mask, so cleanse your hair like you usually would, but don’t condition it. You’re already going to be applying a deep conditioning treatment to your hair, so shampooing with our sulfate-free recipes is enough for now.

Step 2: Apply Hair Mask.
Once your hair is clean, use the hair mask by following the instructions on the packaging. Be sure to only apply the mask from the mid-shaft to the ends of your hair, avoiding the scalp and roots. Hair Food argan & avocado hair mask is one of our favorites!

Step 3: Leave on Hair 3-5 Minutes.
Most hair masks do not require that they be applied overnight, but be sure to check the packaging on yours to be certain about how long to leave your hair mask on your hair.

Step 4: Rinse Out Hair Mask.
After you’ve used the hair mask, rinse it out with water to remove it.

Step 5: Towel Dry Hair and Style.
Once you’ve finished your hair care routine, simply dry your hair and style as usual!

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