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The Benefits of Avocado for Hair

When thinking about foods that promote healthy hair, you might not consider avocados. However, avocado are superfoods and contain nutrients that promote healthy hair Haircare products with avocado oil have characteristics that keep hair not only feeling great, but looking great, too.

Learn about the good that avocado can do for your hair, as well as how the handcrafted recipes from Hair Food that use avocado make a difference!

What Does Avocado Oil Do For Your Hair?

Like other natural oils, avocado oil has healthy fats that help nourish. Hair Food products with oils like argan and avocado oil are made to help restore hair with healthy fats and moisture, making hair supple, healthy and resilient to damage. They leave hair feeling soft, looking shiny, and resistant to damage.

Explore ways that avocado oil boosts hair and scalp health.

Promotes Health

Avocados have nutrients that are great for our diets and beauty care routines. You have to feed your hair like you feed your body- nutrients are important for hair growth.

If hair growth is difficult for you, try adding products with avocado oil to your daily routine!

Leads to a Healthy Scalp

A well-balanced haircare routine also promotes scalp health. If your scalp is healthy, your hair will also grow in healthier. Spend a little extra time lathering in Hair Food Argan oil & Avocado shampoo to give your scalp some extra TLC. This sulfate-free scalp massage will leave your scalp refreshed and replenished.

Promotes Stronger Hair Follicles

Healthy hair starts where it grows—namely at the follicles. Hair that is well taken care of and moisturized is stronger from root to tip. Try adding a weekly avocado oil hair mask to keep follicles replenished.

Reduces Breakage

Some hair is more prone to breakage and some becomes brittle over time due to the types of products used or exposure to chemicals like relaxers. Adding nourishing products with avocado oil to your routine can keep hair strong and reduce breakage mid-shaft.

Increases Moisture in Hair

As we indicated above, avocado oil hair care products are moisture rich and provides hair what it needs to stay healthy, strong, and nourished.

Shop Avocado Hair Products at Hair Food

At Hair Food, we believe in clean, simple, kitchen-crafted recipes that nourish hair like food nourishes the body. Try our Avocado & Argan Oil Sulfate Free Smoothing and Color Safe Shampoo for a sulfate-free formula that keeps color-treated hair looking fresh and smooth. Pair it with Avocado & Argan Oil Smoothing Conditioner for an enriching haircare routine infused with all the benefits you expect from avocado oil.